Gaffs, Gaff Panties And Thong Gaff Panties For Crossdressing Men!

Hi Girls! offers the best selection of genital hiding gaff panties, gaffs for men, thong gaffs, tube gaffs, brazilian back gaffs and adjustable gaffs for crossdressing men, transgendered men, tg girls and anyone who needs to have a flat, feminine front when wearing skirts, pants or any snug fitting garment! Our hiding gaffs come in a wide range of colors, sizes and styles to suit any outfit or occasion. All gaff styles are made right here in the USA, and are shipped discreetly to you! We are the only manufacturers of The Ultimate Genital Hiding Gaff™ and it is trademarked under our name.

In our store you will find the largest selection of Ultimate Hiding Gaffs™ on the web.

Thong Back Ultimate Hiding Gaffs™ have a slim thong back and triple layer front panel. This is the perfect selection for men who want to wear another feminine panty over their gaff. It is strong, yet discreet. Available in many colors and sizes.

The Ultimate Hiding Gaff™ With Tube is an innovation in tucking technology! This Brazilian back gaff has a built-in tube made of soft, strtchy fabric. By inserting and securing the genitals in the tube then tucking towards the rear, you can have an ultra-secure hold all day or night under the tightest clothes.

The Ultimate Hide-Away Gaff is similar to a jock strap, with either one or three adjustable straps. This gaff has a pocket to tuck the genitals, then the straps are secured to pull them back and secure them snugly.

The Original Ultimate Genital Hiding Gaff™ Thong Back

The Ultimate Gential Hiding Gaff With Tube


The Ultimate Genital Hide-Away Gaff With Pocket



We have been manufacturing gaffs for the crossdressing and transgender community for over 13 years, and we are happy you found us! Please call us with any questions: 954-748-5855. We can also be reached by email at